We are proud to present the newest edition of the "Richthofen" Coins.


All coins have the same design on one side, the other side shows the respective squadron patch or the "Richtofen" sign of the wing.

PARTY TIME gentlemen ! Get your shirts ready for the next unforgettable event.


Moments you can remember, but unfortunately not always share with your loved ones ...




Über den Wolken scheint immer die Sonne ....

NEW Shirts

New design of our first set of SHIRTS has just been completed, prototype will be produced soon.


THRUST does matter ! There are not many jets which can sustain a G-Load of +9G easily. Reason enough for us to create this set of transparent stickers. Available in three different color setups.


Coffee and a Cigarette used to be the perfect breakfast for real fighter pilots.

Your Idea

we turn your idea from scratch into reality. Just let us know, what you've been thinking about, we deliver the rest.


" Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits "

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