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Have you ever heard of the 6Ps ?



Proper Preflight Planning Prevents Poor Performance ....


Tactical Air Wing 71 "R" is well prepared for the next display season and flag exercises. Unfortunately most of the events have been canceled already or are on stand-by status, but we are proud to pronounce, that we can offer already some of the unique items.


Eurofighter Typhoon meets Richthofen



Special X-Mas-Sale until Dec 31st !


It has been almost 5 years, since the Richthofen wing changed its weapons platform from the mighty Rhino to the Eurofighter Typhoon.


The coin was created to remember that special date.


Also available as keychains.


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Protecting NATOs Airspace








Mission accomplished !


Well done

Fighter Pilots of 71 Richthofen.

Some more cool new items for you. If you are a supporter of the Richthofen Wing, these are definate MUST HAVEs !



Since we are wingmen of the Richthofen Fighter Squadrons, we provided the latest design update for the squadron patches.

Fighter Pilot Challenge Coins featuring the same design as the squadron patches.

Richthofen's famous fighter squadrons - 711 & 712

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Hello friends and friends to be.
Welcome to AviatiorSpirit.
With this little post we would like to introduce both ourselves and our objectives ;)
We are Smoothie and Styfi, two ambitious aviators sharing the passion of flying.
We love all the products, designs and items that deal with planes, skies and flying in general.
One of our biggest passions is to find and create new designs.
We believe there must be many more like us out there - maybe people who like our ideas and designs and who like to share our passion with us.
On both our AviatiorSpirit facebook page and on you are invited to join a small society of aviators and aviatorfans to chat about all kinds of aspects of flying. They also offer an oportunity to purchase some of our aviator items if you happen to like them.
We would be delighted to meet u all here - to hear from you, to listen to your stories and to share moments that only aviaitormaniacs would understand.

Smoothie and Styfi from AviatorSpirit


New blog post

Start Up

we are just GETTING STARTED with our new webpage. Expect a lot of CHANGES on a daily basis ... At the moment we are still in the testing phase, so please stay calm if not all our items are already showing up on the page


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" Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits "

Jerry Dunn

Aviator Spirit

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